There are a wide variety of ongoing research projects at the York MRI Facility. Many of these projects are led by York Professors, members of the Centre for Vision Research and their students but research is also conducted by external users from other Universities and Industry.

You can find a list of publications based on the MRI data acquired at York MRI Facility here:

To learn more about the ongoing research at York University visit the links below:

Ellen Bialystok: the effect of experience on cognitive processes across the lifespan, with most attention on the effect of bilingualism

Douglas Crawford: three-dimensional eye and head movements, visuomotor neurophysiology

Joseph DeSouza: frontal cortex, attention, fMRI, corollary discharge, eye position signals, eye and head movement neurophysiology

Erez Freud: cognitive and neural processes that mediate our ability to perceive the world around us and to interact with objects in our environment

Denise Henriques: sensory integration and motor control

Peter J Kohler: mid-level visual processing

Shayna Rosenbaum: hippocampus in storage and retrieval of old memories, spatial and episodic memory

Keith Schneider: neural mechanisms and phenomonology of attention and perception

Lauren Sergio: multi-joint movement coordination; visually guided reaching, parietal cortex, control of voluntary movement

Jennifer Steeves: object, scene and face processing, TMS, monocular blindness

W. Dale Stevens: neurocognitive specialization and human conceptual processing, memory and perceptual abstraction

Christine Till: brain injury across the lifespan, pediatric multiple sclerosis, cognitive recovery following traumatic brain injury (TBI) in adults, maternal fetal health, visual toxicity

Gary Turner: cognitive neuroscience and neurorehabilitation, executive functioning in healthy aging, acquired brain injury and brain disease

Frances Wilkinson: migraine and the visual system, perception of form, faces and visual texture

Hugh Wilson: psychophysics of form vision and motion perception, cortical form and motion processing